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Engage Your Audience with Video Marketing

It’s 2021, and no one has the time or willingness to read your business’s content. Use video marketing to tell your story in a meaningful way to create a following.

It’s our job to bring the story to life to keep your audience engaged. Let us help you connect with your customers with video campaigns.

Our Story

Hi, my name is Joe Tjosvold (Chez-vold) and I’m an award-winning director for another video advertising agency called, Advertise Edge.

In 2020, I was having a conversation with one of my longest-standing clients and mentors, Mark Teckenburg. He said, “Joe, your videos are great, but I need consistent content and simply put I can’t spend thousands for every video my company needs. You know the process of producing videos and I challenge you to be more innovative and fill a void for small businesses with high-quality videos but at a fraction of the price.” After months of testing and refining new processes, Chezy was born!

Why Video Marketing?

4 Reasons for Video Marketing


Better Social Media

Video performs very well on social media. The Digital Informational World reported that videos can increase the engagement rate of your social media posts by 1200%.


Better Email Marketing

Campaign Monitor found that adding video to their emails increased their click-through rates up to 96%! 


Better SEO

Google uses many signals to detect whether a web page should be shown for a searched query and adding video to your web pages can help improve the metrics of some of these factors!


Simply, Better Communication

Video can explain complex services or products much quicker and in more detail than other forms of content, for busy people this is great and it keeps them on your website to consider your product or service.

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