What We Have To Offer


1) Video Plan

$ 497 Monthly (12 months)
  • 2 videos per month
  • 30-60 seconds each
  • $248.50 each video!

2) Full Content Plan

$ 697 Monthly (12 months)
  • Everything in Plan 1
  • 10 photos per month
  • $20 each photo!

3) Social Plan

$ 1497 Monthly (12 months)
  • Everything in Plan 2
  • 10-12 posts per month
  • Facebook & Instagram

Customized Plan

- If Let's talk about your needs!
  • Video
  • Video
  • Video



Who owns the rights to the videos?

The videos we make are 100% yours to use as you please. Forever!


What locations do you serve?

We can help businesses anywhere in the United States! Any shoot outside 50 miles from Fargo, ND, will be subject to travel fees.


I don't want 24 videos, can we do less?

Absolutely! Every organization may have different needs, and with Chezy, you can truly customize a plan that works for you!


The plans only have 30-60 second videos, what if I want longer video(s)?

Easy! We would just combine multiple videos in a plan, into 1 video! Once we have the vision of this more complex video, we can determine how many videos it will take!


Can you only do photography for me?

No, at Chezy our best strength is video marketing!


Can I cancel my subscription?

We understand, but unfortunately, no. A lot of the work comes in the first few months, and we can’t cancel a subscription. 

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